In the Closet……

What happens when you open your closet in the middle of the night and find yourself face to face with a medium-sized mouse that is eating its way through everything it can find? Most of you would go screaming the house down and some of you would pick up whatever you find and try to smash the guts out of it,but when it comes to my encounter with this furry innocent eyed creature, I did nothing except to stare at it and it also stared back at me..  for 5 whole minutes we stared at each other…

i don’t know why the mouse was staring at me, maybe it was out of fear, maybe it was a way of mocking me and watching me be helpless, only God knows. but the reason I was staring at this mouse was because i was admiring its guts, i was admiring the fact that this tiny creature whose only “weapon of mass destruction” is its sharp front teeth, can wreak havoc on the belongings of human beings that are much larger and more “intelligent” than it , this tiny creature believes in the strength of its front teeth and 4 tiny legs, it has the courage to come into our closets and  above all it makes human beings fear and acknowledge its presence on the face of the earth. no matter how notorious it is in the eyes of other humans, if you think from this perspective, you may begin to admire the mouse… weird isn’t it? …

Now, just think,  the people including myself who live in third world countries, why are they constantly in fear? why do they need to depend on super powers for every decision whether trivial or major? why can’t the governments of such countries realize that they are ruling  independent, sovereign states and should work for the country’s self-interest rather than the super powers’ never ending demands? or if i say it in other terms, why can’t the mouse show some courage and stand up to the so-called “superior” human beings whose only aim in life is to kill the mouse and keep storing eatables in their closets for their own use? why is the mouse allowing itself to be hunted down and torn apart just because it is much smaller as compared to the human beings  or is not as “capable” ?

Now it is up to the mouse to regain the courage that it has lost, it is up to the mouse to prevent itself from falling into an endless dark abyss,it is up to the mouse to regain its lost glory and to make the humans realize that “size is not a true measure of potential” .  As Mahatma Gandhi said,

” A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history” .  

I hope that I have conveyed the idea of today’s blog post. As for the mouse I faced in the closet, after staring at it, I waved my hands at it and shoo-ed it away. Thank fully, it didn’t do much damage and it also gave me something to think about.


8 thoughts on “In the Closet……

  1. trivial creature as metaphor and message effectively conveyed:)good job done.time to show our sharp front teeth i guess=p

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