Can a piece of paper define who we are ??

Here is an excerpt of my recent conversation with a person who I nameMalik“.

Me: “Yeah but i don’t go looking around at other people’s cars with envy”

Malik :”ALHAMDULLILAH  my father has GLI 2011 model and a cultus”

Me (thinking WTF) :Hahaha, but i never told you about my father’s car till u saw it yourself, Why you telling me now about your cars when I’m not interested?”

Malik: “I’m telling you because i don’t envy anyone’s car”

Now you might guess the direction our conversation was taking and let me clarify that I’m not here to ramble against Malik as i respect his opinions (even if i find them completely illogical) but the reason I’m writing this post is because this conversation forced me to think about the materialism that has permeated   our world and more specifically our society. It seems we give more importance to increasing our status and spending extravagantly on ourselves NOT for ourselves but for the people around us. Isn’t that the case? . Quite often i find girls swinging Prada bags around and shoving them up everyone’s nose (sorry for the rudeness) and boys driving expensive cars and making a point to zoom in high-speed in front of others. And then i think “what’s with these guys?”

All these luxuries, the high status in society and the license to show off is given by a piece of paper that people can kill each other for and that piece of paper as we all know is “money“. It’s true that money gets you status, comfy living, GLI and City 2011 model cars, Cambridge and Oxford shirts and a Blackberry or an I-phone but I’m asking you all that “should we allow money to define our personalities??”, “should we live only for the sake of acquiring a high status in society??”, “Can money replace our interpersonal relationships be it family or friends??”, “Can having money allow us to behave arrogantly and treat other people as if they’re losers??” and above all “can money define who we are ??” after all its just a piece of paper isn’t it?? so i would like to know what you guys think about.

In the end, I’d like to say that Malik !! if you’re reading this, thank you for giving me a whole new perspective to think about. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Can a piece of paper define who we are ??

  1. I have read your two blogs and I will be honest with you. They are awesome if you see at graduate level. If you see these at higher level it need some more input required. Input of experience and input of reality of this life.

    The first blog I read was – the closet. And your innocent mouse – you both wasted 300 seconds and did nothing to save those seconds. You could be brave enough to catch the mouse and make as your pet and feed it for rest of its life, that way it will not damage your valuables any further.

    Regarding super power and third world country like yours never been self reliance after its been formed. Fought war with neighbor number of times with no gain but loss of lives. Stayed under military rule more than half of its existance. I don’t see any patriotic people who can take this country to new direction. I found no unity and no clarity and no plan to move forward. As long as country depends on foreign aid for its survival it always been a puppet of some super power.

  2. Money speaks, Money matters and Money is everything for most of the people in this world. The Way some people behave in our society is despicable especially in young generation. Show off, Show bizz and much more has influence these teen drivers and college goers to behave in that manner.

    Practically in this world money defines who we are. A rich will be associated with
    people of his status, they don’t even think about mixing with less fortunate one. Unfortunately this is a fact.

    Very few people think education, manners and rich in culture will make great society. I am one of them.

    Your concern in the blog is very genuine and need immediate attention by our society.

  3. The problem is not materialism per se. It has always existed in society. Problem is widespread acceptance by us (the society members) that money and only money counts. In last centuries, societies always differentiated between money and honor, money and arts etc etc. So you could be an honorable person without being rich. Alas! no more. With the capitalist consumerist engine running at top revs is US of A; money is the only language which is understood and all other languages like honor are dead.

    We can fight with materialism if we decide not to bother about it. Not to respond to such flashes of monetary power by people like Maliks. Even if one person starts, who knows it might lead to something better. who knows???

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